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Policies » Morning Drop Off

Morning Drop Off

For the safety of our children, please drive slowly and obey all traffic laws.

  • There is no parking in front of the school between 7:30 and 8:30 am on school days. This area is for student drop-off only.
  • Drive all the way forward when dropping off your child.
  • Drivers must not exit the vehicle to walk the child to the gate. There is supervision in front of the school.
  • If you would like to accompany your child to the gate, please park your vehicle at the park and walk.
  • No U-Turns in front of the school, go around the block
  • No double parking or blocking traffic. 
  • Always use the crosswalk.



  • 上学时间从早上 7:30 到 8:30 期间学校门前禁止停车。这个区域只供学生下车。
  • 慢慢地把车开到最前面, 司机不得下车送孩子到门口。
  • 如果您想陪孩子到门口,请将您的车辆停放在公园并步行。
  • 学校门前不掉头,绕着街区走
  • 没有双重停车或阻塞交通。
  • 始终使用人行横道。