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Uniform and Dress Code

Duff Language Magnet Academy is a uniform school. All students wear uniforms Monday to Wednesday. Thursdays are "College Wear days", students can wear college apparel with uniform bottoms or jeans. Fridays are spirit days, students may wear Duff Spirit shirts with uniform bottoms or jeans.

Solid red, yellow, white, light blue, or navy blue with a collar.

Tops must have sleeves, no tank tops.

A school t-shirt or sweatshirt, and or a top showing a college emblem are accepted.


Solid navy blue or khaki tan pants, shorts, Rompers, Skirts, 


Closed-toe shoes, with socks, are appropriate for school wear. Sneakers are highly recommended. Sandals are prohibited.

Sweaters & Sweatshirts Must be in school colors. Duff sweatshirts may be worn all days of the week
Jackets Any color jacket is acceptable
Opt-Out Upon meeting with the principal, waivers are available to families with a valid reason for not wearing uniforms. Uniform waivers must be submitted before September 1. 
District dress code policy applies to all students, in or out of uniform. The policy prohibits overly baggy clothing, clothing associated with gangs, and clothing with inappropriate graphics or slogans. Shorts must be below fingertip length. Spaghetti strapped tops, crop and tube tops, visible underwear, and sandals are prohibited.
School uniforms promote school safety, improve discipline and create a strong sense of identity and school pride among students. Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure a positive learning environment for children.